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For example, in 1996, a Maryland woman, Sharon Lopatka, apparently agreed to be killed by torture and strangulation in a conversation with a man in an online chatroom.

Robert Frederick Glass pleaded guilty to killing Lopatka and later died in prison while serving his sentence.

Until then, know that I will spend the rest of my life empowering the women you hope to shame.

Kelly now knows that strength doesn't look a certain way and hopes that more people start to see it too.

"But, if any of these guys ever wanted proof, I'd be happy to kick their ass during a marathon," she said.

Visibly shocked, the woman said she would 'take' the columnist in a fight to which she responded: 'Come on then, let's fight,' before imitating the woman in a deep voice and saying: 'I don't agree with what you say so I am going to fight you.' Proposing a rule that passengers pay for their body weight and luggage, Hopkins told the audience: 'I have to pay for my 20kg of luggage when some fat chubster up the aisle from me doesn't have to pay anything to get on that plane when quite clearly they are carrying more cumulative luggage.' Referring to the argument that a 'fat tax' would encourage obese people to lose weight, she continued: 'It doesn't give fat people an incentive to lose weight, it gives thin people a privilege to fly.

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However, another key component of strength is building your self-confidence to see beauty when you look in the mirror.Over the course of five days, 'fat' Yvette (pictured left) received 18 messages, 74 likes and 81 visits.Depending on the venue used, other terms used in the media are Internet chat room killer, Craigslist killer, Facebook serial killer."I'd look at before and after pictures and feel a tidal wave of shame and regret because I knew that I'd never get my life back," Kelly told POPSUGAR. It took another three months before I decided to fight for my life back." Kelly began running, and her first mile gradually progressed to her first race, where her joke of "hottie hunting" and taking selfies at each mile marker went viral.Behind the Run, Selfie, Repeat posts , her messages of facing your fears and pushing yourself not only resonated with other women but also began to inspire them.

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